108 Weapons Surrendered

27th November 2017
33 shotguns, 8 rifles and 16 pistols are among 108 weapons that have been handed in to Jersey Police during a fortnight-long amnesty.
The force’s Head of Firearms has expressed surprise at the number of items surrendered.
The police have been taking part in Operation Aztec – a national firearms surrender.
Islanders were told they could give up unwanted or unlicensed weapons without fear of prosecution providing they had not been used to commit an offence.
The haul:
33 shotguns, 8 rifles, 16 air rifles, 16, pistols, 11 air pistols, 1 black powder pistol, 11 blank firing/starter pistols, 2 flare guns, 9 swords and 1 bayonet, plus a quantity of ammunition.
Chief Inspector Chris Beechey says he is surprised by the volume of weapons, and pleased with the response. He says items of historical interest will end up in the right place.

Image Credit: States of Jersey Police

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