£100k To Underwrite Ferry Links?

19th May 2017

Jersey’s States might still underwrite a new inter-islands ferry service to the tune of £100,000.

Condor has been asked to look at fresh proposals for trial day-trip crossings this summer.

It comes after Guernsey’s government announced this week that it wouldn’t provide financial guarantees.

It is understood the ferry firm would need to hit 50% capacity for the direct sea links to be viable.

The Economic Development Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, says he wants to see the trial happen.

“I think it is really important for Jersey and the Channel Islands that we find a way to rejuvenate the inter-islands travel opportunities, and I think there is strong demand from locals to travel by sea and have a really good day-trip in either island.”

That could mean underwriting the trial with public funds of up to £100,000.

“That doesn’t mean we are going to spend £100,000, but Condor are looking for some sort of insurance for this trial-period,” Senator Farnham says.

“What they would like to do is test it, and if it works and there is a strong demand and it’s financially viable then they would be prepared to invest on a long-term basis.”

Talks are continuing with Condor to try and rescue the idea.

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